The trouble with dualism

There appear to be at least two main divergent trends in the contemporary art practice and art theory of every age. It is always the latest transfiguration of the age old philosophical problem of spirit versus matter. Contemporary arts of today see the problem as immanence, that is "the here and now" versus transcendence, or "other-worldliness".
I propose that most art practices and philosophical research is continually trying to bridge such dualistic opposition by incorporating and reconciling them within a third, or expanded understanding horizon (the Sythesis). Depite every age using different terms they all mean to describe such wider, more inclusive kind of wisdom and more useful creation myth for the times. Some of today's artists and thinkers have started to label such current expanded awareness dimensions as the "Formless", or "Post-materiality", some even as "Referencelessness", and best of all maybe as "Immateriality".

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